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What Is The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
The MOQ of DMP product is 300pcs for each model.

What Is the MOQ If I Want to Use the OEM Packaging?
The MOQ is 300pcs for each model if you want to use the OEM packaging.

Can I Order Several Samples Before I Place An Large Order?
Samples are available for quality testing, and we are glad to send you the samples, since we have confidence for the quality of our products.

What Is The Lead Time For Samples, And Lead Time For The Container Order?
The lead time for the samples will be around one week, and the lead time for the container order will be around 45 days for new order and 35 days for repeat order.

Will The English User Manual Include In The Individual Packaging?
Yes, each individual packaging will include one professional English user manual.

What Should I do If I Receive Some TV Stands With Broken Glass?
We are trying our best to make the packaging as good as possible for the TV Stands, normally the packaging and glass wil be not demaged during transportation. But if you still receive the TV Stands with broken glass, we can send you some new glass for replacement.

Will The Installation Accessories Include In The Individual Packaging?
Yes, each individual packaging will include accessory pack. It will include all the mounting accessories for the wall and TVs.

Will the DMP TV Wall Mounts fit all the LCD / Plasma TVs?
DMP TV Wall Mounts are compatible with virtually every television on the market. The television manufacturers use two different standards for designing the back of their TVs so they can be mounted.

VESA, the first standard is called VESA. This dictates the exact placement of the holes on the back of the TV that the mount attaches to. Typically, LCD flat-panel TVs follow VESA standards. There are several sizes of TVs and mounts with the VESA standards (75 mm x 75 mm; 100mm x 100mm; 200mm x 100mm; 200mm x 200mm, etc.). When purchasing a TV that follows VESA guidelines, it is important to choose a TV Wall Brackets that uses the same VESA standard as the TV. The other critical element in choosing the right mount is to compare the weight of the TV to the weight rating of the mount.

Random, the second standard is not really a "standard" at all. Rather, TV manufacturers who do not follow the VESA standards place their mounting holes on the back of the their TV in random wherever it is easiest for them to engineer. For these TVs, DMP makes "universal" TV Wall Mounts. This means that there are TV Wall Brackets that can be adjusted back and forth to properly align the many mounting holes. When mounting a TV with a random hole pattern, in additional to choosing a "universal" TV Mounts, it is critical to also compare the weight of the TV to the weight rating of the TV Brackets.

I Can't Find A Specific DMP Part Number On Your Site. Does This Mean It's Unavailable?
If you can't find what you're looking for on this site, contact DMP. We have many other products available, and our Customer Care team is ready to help find the right solution for you.

Do DMP Products Comply With Environmental Standards Like RoHS?
DMP is committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that concern human health and environmental risk.

What Type Of Warranty Does DMP Equipment Carry?
Three years since purchase, please contact us for details of warranty terms.

Why Is There No CE Marking On DMP Products?
The CE marking may only be placed on a product that falls under one or more of the directives that address the basis for placing a CE marking on a product. DMP TV Wall Mounts do not fall under the definition of machinery as defined in directive BS EN 292 of CE or any other directives.

Why Do DMP Products Not Fall Under The Machinery Directive BS EN 292 Of CE?

The CE directive BS EN 292 does not apply to non-powered equipment such as DMP products. Since our products can only be used to position devices where the operator provides all moving force (meaning that the motion of the product will stop immediately when the operator ceases to apply force to the product), our products do not fall under the definition of machinery as defined in BS EN 292. The CE directive's definition of a "machine" implies that it has controls available to an operator that instigate powered-operation (whether it be pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or electrical), which results in motion. Consequently, there is no CE Marking on DMP equipment.

What Is A T脺V GS Safety Certificate?
The GS Mark demonstrates that a product complies with the German Safety of Equipment Act. Only those products, which fall within the scope of the Act, are eligible to bear the GS Mark. At present, this is the case for over five thousand consumer and industrial products. T脺V Rheinland documents the safety and quality of new and existing products, systems and services, and is a notified certification body. The benefits to you:
.Independent product testing is carried out by accredited labs only.
.Production process audited by the certification body.
.Provides the manufacturer/importer with the confidence that the products they sell are safe, of high quality and legal.
DMP holds the German T脺V GS safety certificate for the following TV Wall Brackets solutions:
PLB102 Series
PLB103 Series
PLB104 Series

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