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Maximize Your Viewing Pleasure - Tips For Buying a Flat Screen TV Mount

Adjustable flat television mounts are similar to those of a fixed TV mount in that they still hold the TV flush against the wall. However, the only difference is that an adjustable TV mount is equipped with a pivot in the middle of the installation bracket, which means that the viewer can adjust vertical viewing angle.

As a result of their more flexible movements unlike those of the fixed mounts, when it comes to changing out cables at the back of the television, adjustable LCD or plasma mounts provide more of an easy access. In some cases, there may also be a built in cable management system, which binds the cables and wires together, instead of letting them hang from the set.

Somewhat more expensive than a fixed TV mount, the adjustable mount is still relatively easy to install and is also particularly suited to plasma TV's. Offering more viewing capabilities, viewers can enjoy the adjustable mount if they happen to by lying on the floor, as the tilting mechanism allows more freedom for viewing.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the tilt feature is limited and if you find that you require more movement for your flat television, it might be wise to purchase a full motion mount. Yet, you are given choices when it comes to the adjustable flat television wall mount. You can either chose to have a fixed TV mount or an adjustable TV mount, depending on how far you want your TV to extend. Your TV can ultimately extend from 2cm to 8cm.

The adjustable TV mount is also the perfect space saving device, as you can hang your television over counter tops, a fireplace or even furnishings. Not only that, but because of its lightweight construction while being made out of stainless steel, it is also a durable product for any home that can withstand the weight of TV's of up to 40kg without any strain.

However, even though adjustable flat television mounts are a step up from the fixed mounts, they still do have their drawbacks. Even though they may offer a pivot to tilt providing more flexibility, they are still not as maneuverable like the full motion mount, nor do they provide a 180-degree rotation and as a result once the adjustable mount is in place, no additional adjustments can be made.

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