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Articulating Arm TV Mount - The Right Solution For a New LCD TV

An articulating arm LCD wall bracket mount is a more complex mount compared to a fixed mount or an adjustable TV-mount. So much so, that because of their complexity, they are also more expensive and can be found online for around $300. However, unlike other TV mounts, the articulating arm TV mount provides even better positioning and maintains all the benefits associated with tilting and swiveling mounts.

However, when it comes to this mount you may find that they are harder to put together than other mounts. This is because the mount comes with an arm that is attached to the back of your TV. As a result of this, you will need 2-3 people to help when it comes to successfully mounting your TV onto the wall mount bracket.

One advantage to having an articulate arm TV-mount is its ability to provide optimal viewing in a large room as it can be seen from every angle. Not only that, but when the TV is not in use, you can simply push the mount back so that it is folded and pull it back out again when needed. The way that an articulating arm works is like the arm of a human and which provides the flexibility of movement.

The mount can either have two extendable arms, what is also known as a dual articulating TV mount, and can go up the length of 15.25 inches. This LCD wall bracket can also swivel on its horizontal axis and it can be moved from left to right and up and down.

If your TV is bigger and heavier than expected, it is wise to opt for the dual articulating arm TV mount, as this mount will provide more of a robustness and sturdiness that is needed to the TV bracket. However, a single arm articulating TV mount is just as capable to provide a sturdy mount, considering its solid heavy-gauge steel construction.

However, even though an articulating arm LCD wall brackets can be more expensive than a fixed or adjustable TV mount it does come with more flexibility and provides more freedom of viewing than the others can. Yet it is important to check the specifications on the back of the TV before purchasing an articulating arm TV mount, as well as checking the weight of your TV. There is no point rushing out to buy something only to find that you can use i

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